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The Zoo Hoofstock Trim Program (ZHTP) is dedicated to creating an awareness of the importance of hoofcare in zoological facilities.  Through educational courses on maintenance and preventative hoofcare, ZHTP will enable zoo staff to better aid in the comfort and soundness of their hooved ambassadors.



Animals under human care do not typically have the opportunity to travel the distances required to maintain sound, functional hooves.  In most cases, zoo hoofstock goes several years without appearing to “NEED” trimming based on what individuals perceive to be “NORMAL”.  Until now there has been no formal training on assessing when trimming is required.  We are now understanding that, in most cases, long-term overgrowth seems to contribute to more severe pathologies such as severe arthritic changes and fractures of the distal limb. Through awareness and maintenance trims, we can help prevent hoof overgrowth and minimize the occurrence of these pathologies.

Over the last 8 years the ZHTP has developed protocols and programs to help zoological facilities and their staff better deal with issues.  We offer both consulting and in-person hoofcare services, as well as in-depth hoofcare training course for zoo staff and veterinarians.

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