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Travel & Course Facility Details

For ZHTP Course in Colorado, we provide housing and transportation to those individual that attend.  Below are details regarding travel information and the facilities we offer.

Course Location & Travel Information

  • The 7-day ZHTP course is located in Loveland, CO

  • We are about an hour northwest of the Denver International Airport

  • Participants should arrive the day before the start of their session, arriving in Denver no later than 5 pm.Travel back home should be scheduled the day after the course and airport pick up and drop off will be provided by the ZHTP team. We will have an orientation dinner the evening before the class starts to get everyone settled and ready for the week!

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Course Facilities & Meals

  • Housing is included in the course fee.

    • We have bunkhouse style housing, one room with 6 bunks, and the other with 4 bunks.

    • Each room has a bathroom with a shower.

    • If the numbers of men and women don’t work for everyone to stay in the bunkhouse, we also have an RV that we use as an extra guest room as well.

    • Bedding, a pillow, and towels are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own creature comforts if you prefer!

    • There is also a common room/kitchen for participants to share, with a refrigerator, microwave, toaster, Keuring coffee maker, and sink.

  • Food/Meals:

    • Breakfast items will be provided, things such as oatmeal, muffins and pastries, bagels, and yogurt.

    • Lunch is provided each day, all participants will be asked about any dietary restrictions prior to the course, and we do our best to accommodate all of them!

    • Dinner varies, but it will always be in a group. Sometimes we will go out to a restaurant, sometimes we will order pizza or Chinese food and stay in, or sometimes we will get the leftovers from lunch out!

    • We also provide a vehicle for the participants to use if they need to go to the grocery store, or get something else while they are here.

    • If there are specific requests, we do our best to accommodate those as well-our goal is that you feel at home in our home for the week you are here! (And any time you want to visit after that!)

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