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CORE 7 Day Course

Importance of Hoof Care

     Animals under human care do not typically have the opportunity to travel the distances required to maintain sound, functional hooves.  In most cases, zoo hoofstock goes several years without appearing to “NEED” trimming based on what individuals perceive to be “NORMAL”.  Until now there has been no formal training on assessing when trimming is required.  We are now understanding that, in most cases, long-term overgrowth seems to contribute to more severe pathologies such as severe arthritic changes and fractures of the distal limb. Through awareness and maintenance trims, we can help prevent hoof overgrowth and minimize the occurrence of these pathologies.  The ZHTP Course One helps attendees establish a thorough understanding of foot function and a solid foundation of hoofcare skills to begin to help the hooved animals in their care.


Topics Covered During the Course

  • Basic hoofstock lower limb anatomy

  • Leverages & Pressures on the hoof capsule and its possible effects

  • Recognizing distortions in the hoof

  • Cadaver hoof trimming & dissections (equine & bovine)

  • How hoof tissue changes while trimming

  • Live animal trims at one local zoo

  • Tool usage, i.e. hoof knives, nippers, rasps, dremels, grinders


What’s Included in the Course

  • 7 Day Hands-On Course

  • Tools & Study Materials

  • Hands-on with Cadaver Feet

  • Hoof and Limb Dissections

  • Day at Regional Zoo

  • Breakfast & Lunch Daily

  • Boarding with Full Kitchen on site

  • Transportation to and from the airport and around Loveland, CO

    • For Course Facilities & Travel Details, Click HERE


Cost of 7 Day Course = $2,500


2024 Course Dates - Click on Date Link to Register

*By completing the REGISTRATION Application above you are agreeing to pay the Non-Refundable $500 Deposit due upon acceptance into the selected course.  When you submit your application, the ZHTP Staff will send you a registration confirmation and an invoice to submit your deposit, thereby completing the course registration process.

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