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Tool & Equipment List

Providing quality hoof care to the variety of hoof stock at zoological facilities is of paramount importance.  The ability of the hoof care provider to perform these tasks consistently, efficiently, and accurately requires certain tools and equipment that can often times mean the difference for successful procedures and the safety of the animals.  We have compiled a list that we have found not only the best but also very necessary in most cases.


From EDSS - or call (719) 372-7463

** If items do not appear on the website, please contact by phone and talk to Chad


From Home Depot

  • DeWalt Hand Grinder

  • Dremel Bit #196

  • Oscillating tool and bit (for wood)

  • Clamps

  • Wire wheel

  • Drill

  • DeWalt cordless jigsaw

  • Wood and Metal jigsaw blade set



  • Extra thickMaxi-Cure super glue - Bob Smith Industries 8 oz

  • Bob Smith Industries Insta-Set- 2 oz (accelerator)

Additional Helpful Equipment to Consider

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